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0000786XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2014-05-19 23:11
ReporteruniflareAssigned Toderick 
Status resolvedResolutionnot fixable 
PlatformWin32 DesktopOSWindowsOS Version7 Ultimate x86
Product Version2.2dev 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000786: Max Execution Time Hit During Debugging
DescriptionWhilst using breakpoints and stepping through an application, PHP throws a Max Execution time Exceeded error. Appears to be default setting of 30 seconds.
Steps To ReproduceCompile 2.2dev with 5.4.0RC8 on windows.
(Optional) Install apache 2.4 with php5apache2_4.dll from apache lounge.
Run a php file and break on first line.
Wait 30 sec.
Additional InformationSetting set_time_limit(0); at script start alleviates the issue.

I believe it is your method of setting the max execution time on the fly - perhaps your checking if safe_mode is enabled (there is no safe mode at all in 5.4.0RC8).
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PHP Version5.4-dev



2012-03-02 00:56

reporter   ~0001944

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set_time_limit(0); _does not_ alleviate the issue. Once you continue from a breakpoint after 30 seconds it will throw max_execution_error.

Only changing php.ini "max_execution_time" affects the issue.


2014-05-19 23:11

administrator   ~0002818

I don't think I can fix this on Windows. I force setting max_execution_time=1 when you start debugging already.

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