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0001130XdebugUncategorizedpublic2015-06-13 09:45
ReporterfwendtAssigned Toderick 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinux x86OSUbuntuOS Version12.04
Product Version2.3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.3.3 
Summary0001130: PHP documentation links to local manual reference are broken at title description
DescriptionTaking back the issue 0000811 :)

When activating php.ini directives 'docref_root = "/phpmanual/"' and 'docref_ext = .html' (and maybe some other related), the Xbug web page prints HTML code instead of making the linkage to reference at main title description.

Steps To Reproduce1 - Edit you 'php.ini' configuration file, taking a look at the following directives:

a)'docref_root': points to your local webserver downloaded documentation docs pages from PHP website (something like '/phpmanual/');

b)'docref_ext': set file extension at doc files (usually, '.html').

2 - Ensure Xdebug is enable and operating at you devmachine;

3 - Restart your webserver;

4 - Create some buggy file (code mistake);

5 - Browse to your buggy file to see the linkage string at main issue table title.
Additional InformationAll package and components have been compiled from sources (PHP, extensions, Apache and Xdebug). None pre-build package was used.
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Operating SystemGNU-Linux Ubuntu 12.04 x86
PHP Version5.6-dev



2015-03-19 12:55


xdebug-docrefroot.jpg (40,855 bytes)
xdebug-docrefroot.jpg (40,855 bytes)


2015-06-13 09:45

administrator   ~0003115

Fixed for Xdebug 2.3.3 and 3.0.0dev, it required quite an ugly hack :-). Thanks for your report!

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