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0000217XdebugUncategorizedpublic2006-10-30 14:52
Reporterbhofmann Assigned Toderick  
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Summary0000217: stepping through code sometimes gives a wrong execution line
DescriptionWhen stepping trough this kind of code using step over:

if ($var){
    $test = "azerty";

Xdebug stops at the "if", then the test line: this is ok. However with this code:

if ($var)
    $test = "azerty";

Xdebugs skips the "if" but steps on the opening curly brace, then steps on the test line. And finally with this:

if ($var)
    $test = "azerty";

the "if" line is skipped and Xdebug step directly to the test line.
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PHP Version5.1.6



2006-10-30 14:52

administrator   ~0000487

This is something I can not fix unfortunately as the Zend Engine does not always put the interception points on the correct line.

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