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0000220XdebugUncategorizedpublic2006-11-27 21:54
Reporterd_kelsey Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0000220: PHP.exe crashes when the script ends
DescriptionThis bug can also be reproduced on PHP 5.1.4.

I have 2 scripts
testcase3.php and file1.php

$a = array (1,
         array (2,
             array (3,
                 array (4,
                     array (5,
                         array (6,
                             array (7,
                                 array (8)

echo var_dump($a);
echo "hi";

 * Created on 11-Sep-2006
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echo 'hello';
echo 'dave';

$a='Well hello There';
echo $a;



Using the debug client I enter the following commands

cmd set
breakpoint_set -i 25 -t line -f file:///C%3a/temp/xdebugBug/testcase3.php -n 18
breakpoint_set -i 26 -t line -f file:///C%3a/temp/xdebugBug/file1.php -n 13
feature_set -i 31 -n max_depth -v 3
run -i 33
context_get -i 36 -d 0
run -i 41

A problem is then reported by Microsoft windows and offers me the option to send or don't send the report to Microsoft
Additional InformationNote that it is important that you must set both breakpoints even though file1.php is never called. You must do the feature set and you must do a context get. It is always reproduceable using this set of commands and these files. I have tried other files and only setting a single break point and the problem doesn't occur.

I can stop the problem by setting the max_depth to 10 (for example) or by not setting max_depth at all (but I need to allow a user to specify max_depth).

if I set max_depth to a value of 4, then I get the trap when I attempt the context_get command. I have not tried any other value of max_depth apart from 10.
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Operating SystemWindows XP
PHP Version5.2.0



2006-11-21 19:47

administrator   ~0000489

I tried to reproduce this on LInux (with valgrind) with php 5.2.0 and the latest CVS release of Xdebug, but I couldn't find a single memory corruption issue (which is what your report would suggest). Perhaps you could try the latest snapshot version? (from


2006-11-23 16:35

reporter   ~0000495

ok, a new day a reboot of the machine and now I cannot recreate the problem, strange because when debugging with my client I observed the problem and PHP script was being launched in it's own process every time and was recreatable every time. I recreated the issues outside of my debug environment with the xdebug client, but I cannot recreate it now in that environment either. Maybe I managed to have a rogue extension somewhere being loaded ?


2006-11-27 21:54

administrator   ~0000499

That is possible as windows keeps dlls in memory. I will close the report now, but feel free to reopen if you can recreate it.

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