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0001028XdebugUncategorizedpublic2014-05-19 12:08
Reporterkalin_yanev Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
OSWindowsOS Version7 
Product Version2.2.3 
Summary0001028: Nothing is suggested for downloading in Tailored Installation Instructions wizard for php5.5 executable.
DescriptionNothing is suggested for downloading in Tailored Installation Instructions wizard for php5.5 executable.

I found this case on Win 7, I got proper behavior on Linux.

Steps To Reproduce1. run phpinfo(); in a php file with php5.5 (php 5.5.7) executable as php cli/cgi application.
2. Take output and paste it into
3. Press "Analyze my phpinfo(); output" button

You should be suggested with specific Windows binary for downloading.

Nothing is suggested.
Additional InformationI got proper behavior for php5.4 and php5.3 executables on Win 7.

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Operating System
PHP Version5.5.5-5.5.9



2014-01-27 09:36



2014-03-05 09:32

administrator   ~0002752

Can you provide the exact HTML that you pasted into the box on the wizard? It's best if you could provide this in a ZIP file attached to this report.


2014-04-04 13:31



2014-04-04 13:32



2014-04-04 13:43

reporter   ~0002780

I provided what I pasted into the box on the wizard.
No any xdebug is suggested if I use the cases from the attached, both generated by PHP5.5 executables (CLI and CGI).
For comparison needs, I attached the cases when I get proper result with PHP5.4 as well: xdebug is suggested for downloading - see the contents of the other .zip file.


2014-04-24 22:46

administrator   ~0002790

You need to provide the original HTML, not RTF files. They are not the same, and I can not open those files.


2014-05-19 12:08

administrator   ~0002813

I can't reproduce this, and no feedback has been provided. Please reopen if you can provide the requested feedback.

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