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0001092XdebugFeature/Change requestpublic2016-12-11 14:22
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Summary0001092: Multi-User Debug behing a firewall
DescriptionWhile "remote_connect_back" solved multi-users issue when both Apache-host and IDE Debug-Desktop can ping each other. Configuring Xdebug for a Multi-User environment with a natted firewall remains almost impossible.

With minimal addon on Xdebug configuration options, developers could leverage ssh tunnelling even in natted multi-user environment, as the already do when running single developer session.

Steps To ReproduceIn a natted environment Web-Server cannot route to IDE-Debug desktop. The only option if the developer to run a SSH tunnel to extract Debug packet from web server host.

While this work in a mono-user environment as we can enforce Xdebug to send all debug data on localhost:port with remote_host/remote_port we have no option for remote port to be a "per/developer" unique value.

Proposal, add port configuration option within XDEBUG_SESSION_START=15791 something like: XDEBUG_SESSION_START=15791&port=xxxx

Alternatively this could be a parsing of IDEKEY with something like MyKey:MyPort or any other option that would allow developer to dynamically select a given port for its session.
Additional InformationToday the only way to resolve this issue is to hack pydbgpproxy and replace in line 333 addr= xxxxx with addr = ['',long(idekey)], and use idekey as local tcp/port.

Unfortunately this impose not only to install a DGGd proxy, but also require a hack on its code. A native Xdebug solution would be simpler and more elegant.

If developers could easily select a unique destination port where Xdebug would send its debug information on lo0/loopback for a given session. Then it would be easy for developers to start an SSH tunnel to move xdebug packets from this "unique" local port toward what ever would be destination Ide/Debug/port.
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2016-12-11 14:21

administrator   ~0003989

This is exactly what the proxy with the idekey is supposed to solve. Each IDE needs to register its IDE key with the proxy, and then the proxy will know how to forward the incoming requests (from the server) to the right host/port. This is described at

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