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0001176Xdebugpublic2015-11-20 17:51
Reportertomcastleman Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformGNU/Linux x86_64OSUbuntu OS Version14.04.3 LTS
Product Version2.3.2 
Summary0001176: SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault

I am inserting multiple rows in one PDO statement to MySQL. When one of those rows triggers a database error (duplicate key for example) php5-fpm throws a SIGSEGV when the total rows is larger than a certain size.

Looking at the core dump (attached) it seems xdebug is the cause. With xdebug disabled there is no issue.

PHP Version:
XDebug Version: 2.3.2
pdo_mysql client API version => mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503

Steps To Reproduce
  • Execute a multi insert statement "INSERT INTO x VALUES (), (), ()" where at least one row will trigger a duplicate key, and with a large number of total rows
  • A PDOException is thrown (in my case I am using illuminate/database and a Illuminate\Database\QueryException is thrown as seen in the trace) however php5-fpm seg faults.
  • Decreasing the number of total rows in the insert sometimes resolves the issue.
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Attached Files
php5-trace.log (5,976 bytes)
Operating SystemUbunbu 14.04.3
PHP Version5.6-dev



2015-10-23 08:29

administrator   ~0003189

Can you provide a full short script that reproduces this?


2015-11-05 15:17

administrator   ~0003201



2015-11-20 17:51

administrator   ~0003244

Can't reproduce this, and no feedback provided.

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