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0000118XdebugUncategorizedpublic2005-03-09 22:18
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Summary0000118: apache segfaults on php5 exceptions when remote debugging with Komodo
If you debug the attached simple test case using Komodo / xdebug and Apache 2, Apache will crash on either Win32 or Linux. This is likely not Komodo's problem, but a bug instead with php exceptions or xdebug's handling of them.

the relevant Komodo bug is here:

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Operating System
PHP Version5.0.3-dev



2005-03-02 11:00

administrator   ~0000237

I don't see any attached script here, or in the Komodo bugreport... can you please add it there?


2005-03-02 19:02

reporter   ~0000238

sorry, got sidetracked yesterday afternoon. I have now attached the sample script to the bug at


2005-03-09 22:18

administrator   ~0000241

Fixed in CVS.

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