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Summary0001211: ReflectionGenerator reports wrong line number with xdebug

PHP7 without xdebug reports a different executing line than with it.

Steps To Reproduce


class GeneratorDemo
public static function foo()
yield 1;

public function baz()
    yield from bar();


function bar()
yield from GeneratorDemo::foo();

$g = new GeneratorDemo();
$g = $g->baz();
$r = new \ReflectionGenerator($g);

echo $r->getExecutingLine();

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Operating System
PHP Version7.0-dev



2015-11-24 12:51

administrator   ~0003260

I can indeed reproduce this, but fixing it is going to be non-trivial. As it doesn't segfault, and it "only" causes an issue with reflection, I'm unlikely to put this at the top of the priority list.


2016-12-03 13:44

administrator   ~0003887


I had another look at this, and this is not something that is caused by Xdebug directly, but instead by how PHP generates opcodes in different modes.

I can reproduce this, by not loading any extension, and enabling or disabling "Generate extended information for debugger/profiler":

[PHP: 7.0.13-dev ] derick@whisky:/tmp $ php -n 1211.php

[PHP: 7.0.13-dev ] derick@whisky:/tmp $ php -n -e 1211.php

As this is something internal to PHP, and Xdebug needs this "extended information" (it turns it on internally through an API), I can not fix this on the Xdebug side.


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