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0000122XdebugUncategorizedpublic2006-01-17 21:28
Reporteralisencer Assigned Toderick  
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Summary0000122: Profiling problems with serendipity

The cachegrind file that is generated is faulty and contains invalid characters (Ultraedit shows lots of blank lines - but also changes size of scroll bar while scrolling. less shows lots of ^@). Here is an example:

These files cannot be opened with KCachegrind (on Cygwin; it freezes) nor WinCachegrind (errormsg pointing to the respective line 8565).

This only happens when profiling serendipity ( ). Other Scripts work fine.

Additional Information

WindowsXP SP2, Apache 1.3.29, PHP 4.3.10 (not dev).

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Operating SystemWindows XP
PHP Version4.3.10-dev



2005-07-03 18:56

reporter   ~0000264

I get the exact same symptoms, but am trying to profile the SyncML interface to horde ( The bad characters it adds are NULL characters (ascii 0) and there are sometimes megabytes of them. I wrote a quick perl script to drop the NULLs out, and the files now load in kcachegrind, but the values are bogus and there are may obvious things wrong with the results.

I have tried both 2.0.0beta2 and also CVS HEAD as of sometime last week.

System: Mandriva 10.0
Apache: 2.0.48
PHP: 4.3.4
Horde: CVS Head as of a few weeks ago

This is a show-stopper for me.


2005-07-27 18:32

reporter   ~0000267

I found the problem for me. It turns out that my SyncML client was making several connections in a row in order to process the request. Since XDebug creates a single file for all requests to the same directory, and since apache is multi-threaded, there were several threads competing to write to the file. I threw in a dirty hack to make it create a new filename on each request and I get several files that are all correct without any NULLs.


2006-01-17 21:28

administrator   ~0000338

This is not something I can fix... you can select Xdebug to create a file per-pid ofcourse.

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