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0001226XdebugUncategorizedpublic2016-12-04 17:39
Reporterbseddon Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version2.4.0rc2 
Summary0001226: Is it possible to fill the Eclipse 'Parameter Stack' view
DescriptionIn Ecplise, at least when using ZendDebugger, the 'Parameter Stack' view shows all variables in scope at the breakpoint and their respective values. When I use XDebug this view is empty. Is there a XDebug configuration setting I can use to populate this view?

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Operating System
PHP Version7.0.0rc7



2015-12-10 14:59

administrator   ~0003312

On which platform are you?


2015-12-10 16:37

reporter   ~0003316

OS: Windows 2012
Eclipse: Nano
PDT: 3.7


2015-12-12 21:32

administrator   ~0003329

I just released Xdebug 2.4.0RC3, which hopefully addresses stability issues on Windows: — Can you please try that? Make also sure you run this with PHP 7.0.0 (or later), and not a PHP 7 Release Candidate.

In case it does not solve the problem, please provide a *full* but *short* reproducible test case that I can run myself. That includes hopefully a *single* script, and an accompanying remote debugging log (which you can make by setting xdebug.remote_log=c:\windows\temp\xdebug.log in php.ini).


2015-12-12 22:47

reporter   ~0003333

No, it makes no difference. But I thought maybe there will be an option that might make them appear.


2015-12-13 20:54

administrator   ~0003334

No, there is no option. This should always work. Can you please do the following:

1. write a tiny script, with one or two functions passing in one or two arguments and setting (calculating) some maths things and store them as other arguments in the function.
2. Make the setting "xdebug.remote_log=C:\Windows\Temp\xdebug.log" in php.ini
3. Try to step through this tiny script
4. Attach the tiny script and the resulting xdebug.log file to this report.


2015-12-13 21:01

reporter   ~0003335

Hi Derick

How about using the log associated with my other issue report

That post includes a three line script and the corresponding log files.

The parameter stack view is not populated with anything ever when using XDebug PHP 7.0. At the risk stating the obvious, this parameter stack view is filled when using PHP 5.x.


2016-12-04 15:11

administrator   ~0003897


is this still causing an issue for you? I've not heard anybody else complain about this either.



2016-12-04 15:52

reporter   ~0003910

Hi Derick

Although the Eclipse PDT on-line documentation shows the view should exists ( the view is not available in Eclipse Neon with PDT 4.1.0 because it has been removed (

My guess the reason I was not able to see the view populate is that support for the view was being withdrawn and not supported.




2016-12-04 17:39

administrator   ~0003926

Okay - thanks for letting me know. I'll be closing this then.

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