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Summary0000126: turn off html output when html_errors = 0

I had a search for this, but couldn't find a bug of this.

When html_errors is set to 0, it would be nice if no html was printed upon error.

Then seems to function correctly upon the command line, however there are some instances over http where you need to turn off html output, ie, when your bug testing a soap server.


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Im using php 5.0.4

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Operating Systemfedora core 3
PHP Version4.3.11



2005-05-27 05:32

reporter   ~0000256

sorry, I think that should of been filed under "feature change/request".


2005-05-27 08:32

administrator   ~0000257

Classified as Feature/Request.
Which exact function exhibits this behavior BTW?


2005-05-27 08:41

reporter   ~0000258

Not sure exactly. But I can explain how it occurs.

When there is an error, it dumps out a stack trace of the information to the screen.

Say for example i have the following php file:

<?php eho "balh"; ?>

the following is outputed (html and all, sorry...)

<font size='1'><table border='1' cellspacing='0'>
<tr><th bgcolor='#ee5555' colspan="3">Parse error: <i>parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING</i> in <i>/var/www/vhost/virtual/site19/jail/var/www/html/balh.php</i> on line <i>1</i></th></tr>

So, im not too sure why this is occuring, or how... but it would be nice if html_errors was set to 0 that html errors were not outputed.

Note, that for this example, i did try setting the html_errors value in a .htaccess and not set it using an ini_set (which for this example would not work, i believe as it is a parse error)


2006-10-08 20:31

administrator   ~0000471

The code in CVS now listens to the php.ini setting "html_errors".

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