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0000135XdebugInstallationpublic2005-08-04 14:49
Reporterconrad_schuler Assigned Toderick  
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Summary0000135: underquoted definition automake

root Sat Jul 30 03:43:25 /home/conrad
$ pear5 install -a xdebug
downloading xdebug-1.3.2.tgz ...
Starting to download xdebug-1.3.2.tgz (153,629 bytes)
.................................done: 153,629 bytes
52 source files, building
running: phpize
Configuring for:
PHP Api Version: 20031224
Zend Module Api No: 20041030
Zend Extension Api No: 220040412 warning: underquoted definition of PHP_WITH_PHP_CONFIG
run info '(automake)Extending aclocal'
or see warning: underquoted definition of PHP_EXT_BUILDDIR warning: underquoted definition of PHP_EXT_DIR warning: underquoted definition of PHP_EXT_SRCDIR warning: underquoted definition of PHP_ALWAYS_SHARED
acinclude.m4:19: warning: underquoted definition of PHP_PROG_RE2C
acinclude.m4:1915: warning: underquoted definition of PHP_TEST_BUILD
`phpize' failed

root Sat Jul 30 03:44:04 /home/conrad

Additional Information

I read:

It said after checking the bug list, contact the package maintainer. So I checked the list, and could not find it: so here it is!


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Operating SystemSuSE 9.3
PHP Version5.0.3



2005-08-04 14:49

administrator   ~0000273

Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do here as the macro's that you mention are part of PHP's phpize tool. PHP still recommends older automake versions for exactly those reasons. You can find the recommended versions at:

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