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0001388XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2020-03-12 16:43
ReporterLanaZem Assigned Toderick  
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Target Version2.8.0devFixed in Version2.8.0alpha1 
Summary0001388: Support 'resolved' flag for breakpoints

It would be very useful to support new 'resolve' flag for 'breakpoint_*' responses.

At the moment IDE can't distinguish resolved breakpoints and not resolved. Therefore user might be surprised when execution doesn't halt on a breakpoint without any warning.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Create a file with the following code

$a = array( // line #1
1 => "first", // line 0000002
2 => "second",

2) Set breakpoint on line #1 and line 0000002
3) Start debugger session

Execution halts on breakpoint #1 or it's marked as invalid.

Execution halts on breakpoint 0000002.

Additional Information

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Operating System
PHP Version7.1.0-7.1.4


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2019-05-01 12:30

reporter   ~0005010

Hello, Derick!
You were interested in feedback concerning number of breakpoints used in project. If this is the right place to post, I can say that I use xdebug very intensively and usually I don't have more than 5 breakpoints at a time when debugging a specific feature of the project. After I finish debugging, I usually clear all the breakpoints so they don't accidently halt the script next time I debug something else in the project. I use Exception breakpoints way more rarely, and usually I enable only 1 or 2 such breakpoints at a time (mostly the wanted exception itself, and sometimes generic Throwable or Exception just in the case).


2019-05-06 12:49

administrator   ~0005020

I've just merged this into the master branch, which will become part of 2.8.0. I will release 2.7.2 soon (this week, today?!), and then probably next week a 2.8alpha1 release so that people can try this out.

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