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0000142Xdebugpublic2005-09-23 09:23
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Summary0000142: xdebug crashes in PHP-CLI

I am running PHPUnit2 tests at the command line. I'm testing a Collection class implementing the Iterator interface. The script runs, but xdebug seems to crash on shutdown.

When I disable xdebug in php.ini, everything works fine (naturally).

I'm not sure which additional information I can provide, so please give instructions.

Additional Information

AppName: php.exe AppVer: ModName: php_xdebug.dll
ModVer: Offset: 000037be

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Operating SystemWindows XP
PHP Version5.0.4



2005-08-02 12:40

administrator   ~0000271

Please provide a short reproducable script that causes this crash - without this I can not debug Xdebug, unless you manage to run this on linux and use valgrind and gdb to create specific crash information, including a backtrace.


2005-08-02 13:47

reporter   ~0000272

Here is a minimal example that crashes on my system. If I comment out the destructor of Object, the example works fine.


class eno_Exception extends Exception {}

require_once 'PHPUnit2/Framework/TestCase.php';

class CollectionTest extends PHPUnit2_Framework_TestCase
public function testSomething()
$collection = new Collection;
$collection->add(new Object);

class Collection
var $Objects = array();

public function __construct() { }
public function rewind() { }
public function current() { }
public function key() { }
public function next() { }
public function valid() { }

public function add(Object $aObject)
  $this->Objects[] = $aObject;


class Object
public function construct() { }
public function
destruct() { }



2005-09-22 20:49

administrator   ~0000291

Although that wasn't a very short script, I did confirm it. It seems like some structure in PHP isn't set correctly though. I'll have a look there.


2005-09-23 09:23

administrator   ~0000293

Fixed in CVS, thanks for the report.

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