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0000146Xdebugpublic2005-09-23 09:24
Reportermariuszn3 Assigned Toderick  
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Summary0000146: xt trace files -> quotes within array key name's are not escaped

Within content of trace files (*.xt). Arrays presented as function parameters or returns has unescaped quotes within key names (values are fine). This doesn't affects xdebug extension but affects any software that makes use of that.

Additional Information

Trace file contains function returns and function paramaters in most cased presented as valid php code(with minor exceptions like for resource and class types).
I've just created script which parses that file and outputs that in more readable table way.
When with resource and class problem (of not valid php code) is easy to solve then in case of unescaped array key names it's more problematic and there's no perfect solution for that (I wrote short function to repair such file but apart of that it can be time consuming it's still not sound solution)
I will publish that script and mention about it on discussion list when I'll be happy about it. I'm still testing and improving it.

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Operating SystemWindows XP
PHP Version5.0.4



2005-09-22 19:45

administrator   ~0000289

I can't reproduce this with the latest cvs version of Xdebug. The following script:

$tf = xdebug_start_trace('/tmp/'. uniqid('xdt', TRUE));

function foo($a)
    return $a;

$array = array(&quot;te\&quot;st's&quot; => 42);

echo file_get_contents($tf);


produces the following output:
TRACE START [2005-09-22 18:44:51]
0.0011 44184 -> foo(array ('te"st\'s' => 42)) /dat/dev/php/xdebug/tests/bug00146.php:10

=> array ('te"st\'s' => 42)
0.0012 44240 -> file_get_contents('/tmp/xdt4332fba354c818.92692592.xt') /dat/dev/php/xdebug/tests/bug00146.php:12

as you can see, the quote (') is succesfully escaped.

Please provide a script where the trace file does not have this.


2005-09-23 01:49

reporter   ~0000292

Last edited: 2005-09-23 01:59

Sorry my fault I was using 2.0.0beta1 version. I've just updated. Thanks!

edited on: 2005-09-23 02:59


2005-09-23 09:24

administrator   ~0000294

Okay, considered "fixed" then.

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