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0001480XdebugCode Coveragepublic2018-01-29 21:48
ReporterVIVEK.SIT@GMAIL.COM Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version2.5.5 
Summary0001480: Number of lines in the file are different incase file is covered and uncovered.
DescriptionI have 2200 test cases in my repo which takes around 8 hours to run using xdebug for code coverage.

 I was trying to write a script which will run all test class independently and collate the result into a single result.
I stumbled on this bug which blocked me.
Steps To ReproduceClassFile - BadRequestException.php
TC 1.
    Run a test case which does not cover the code
    The number of uncovered line is show as 8.
    The number of uncovered line is show as 0.

TC 1.
    Run a test case which covers the code of the same file
    The number of uncovered line is show as 0.
    The number of uncovered line is show as 3.
Additional InformationAttached snapshot.
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Operating System
PHP Version7.1.0-7.1.4



2017-10-16 08:42


xdebug_error.jpg (592,625 bytes)


2017-11-01 21:42

administrator   ~0004449

Please provide a short reproducible case (test case + script + instructions how to run this), so that I can try to reproduce this myself please.


2018-01-29 21:48

administrator   ~0004581

Can't reproduce this, and no feedback provided.

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