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0001535XdebugUncategorizedpublic2019-06-28 11:18
Reporteramenk Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04.3
Product Version2.6.0 
Target Version2.6.1 
Summary0001535: Laravel causes PHP warning (exception not caught) xdebug enabled, otherwise all is fine
DescriptionWith xdebug enabled I can reproduce an error:

PHP Warning: Uncaught League\Flysystem\Plugin\PluginNotFoundException: Plugin not found for method: read in /tmp/laravel/vendor/league/flysystem/src/Plugin/PluggableTrait.php:49

without xdebug on, everything runs fine.
Steps To Reproducecomposer create-project laravel/laravel
cd laravel
composer require proengsoft/laravel-jsvalidation
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Proengsoft\JsValidation\JsValidationServiceProvider" --tag=public --force

(I will try to make a smaller example)
Additional InformationNot reproducible with
Reproducible after update to 7.1.18

See here
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Operating System
PHP Version7.1.15-7.1.19


duplicate of 0001665 closedderick Segfault when overriding a function object parameter + collect_params > 0 



2018-03-14 20:49

reporter   ~0004613

bye the way ... the stack trace from the warning is enormous (not ending)


2018-03-14 20:50

reporter   ~0004614

With php7.2 it works fine, maybe we just ignore the bug and switch to 7.2.3 :-)


2018-03-14 20:59

reporter   ~0004615

without my setting

* xdebug.collect_params=4

it works fine.

so I will be more careful with that in the future.

I think it is fine, that xdebug runs out of memory. A nicer error message would be cool,recommending to lower such settings.

The real bug is, that the exception is not caught properly while it is, when xdebug is on.


2018-03-15 11:07

administrator   ~0004616

The real bug is is that Xdebug is reading variables that are already freed while constructing the exception stack traces. These variables are only read with xdebug.collect_params > 0. Reading already freed memory means all kinds of weird things can happen, and your errors are one of the symptoms, but I expect there to be many more.


2019-05-15 16:33

reporter   ~0005024

If that's so, I suppose again that the PR for 0001665 ( ) should fix this too?


2019-06-28 11:18

administrator   ~0005041

Closing this as duplicate of 0001665

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