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0000156XdebugTracingpublic2020-03-12 17:34
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Summary0000156: it's impossible to know the time taken by the last func call in xdebug trace mode 0

From the trace file it's impossible to know the length of the last func call (since you have to deduce it from the next func call start time, and there isn't next func call)

martin@camem64:~/www/~mio$ cat sleep2.php

martin@camem64:~/www/~mio$ cat /tmp/sleep2.xt
TRACE START [2005-10-17 14:07:59]
0.0005 9312 -> sleep(3) /var/www/~mio/sleep2.php:3
TRACE END [2005-10-17 14:08:02]

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PHP Version4.3.10



2005-12-30 16:54

administrator   ~0000321

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