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0001568XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2018-08-01 12:13
Reportermikadobrain Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version2.6.0 
Target Version2.6.1Fixed in Version2.6.1 
Summary0001568: Can't debug object properties that have numeric keys

I'm using the php-ds extension. Whenever i put objects into an Ds\ object and try to inspect the object using xdebug remote debugging, i receive "cannot access property".

My IDE is the PHPStorm version.

Steps To Reproduce

//minimal script to reproduce

use Ds\Vector;

$vector = new Vector();

$vector = new Vector();

class Foo
private $val;

public function __construct($val)
    $this->val = $val;

$vector = new Vector();
$vector->push(new Foo(1));
$vector->push(new Foo(2));
$vector->push(new Foo(3));

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PHP Version7.1.15-7.1.19



2018-08-01 11:39

administrator   ~0004688

I can reproduce this, but I am not 100% whether this is a bug in Xdebug. Xdebug relies on certain internal PHP APIs to fetch information about internal (as-in, from a PHP Extension) classes. As Vector is such a thing, it is quite possible that it doesn't implement all the proper APIs to make this possible. From a quick glance ( it doesn't implement the get_properties handler that Xdebug needs ( get_properties is also used with var_export(), which also doesn't work on the Vector object:

use Ds\Vector;

$vector = new Vector();




Anyway, scratch that all. It's a bug in Xdebug :-)


2018-08-01 11:40

administrator   ~0004689


2018-08-01 11:48

reporter   ~0004690

Dude, you are crazy.

Anyways, thank you very much :)


2018-08-01 12:13

administrator   ~0004691

Fixed in GIT for Xdebug 2.6.1.

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