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0000157XdebugUncategorizedpublic2006-01-17 21:24
Reporterselkirk Assigned Toderick  
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Summary0000157: Consistent Random Memory Corruption

I'm experiencing fairly consistent memory corruption problems while collecting code coverage information for a large test suite (covering hundreds of files). These show up as odd PHP errors and failing test cases that occur only with XDebug loaded. I have not yet been able to complete a run of the whole test suite without encountering one of these errors. The test suite runs fine when XDebug is not loaded.

Additional Information

I've tried with both php 5.0.1 and php 5.0.4. I have not been able to try with 5.0.5 because my application and SimpleTest do not yet work with PHP versions >= 5.0.5.

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Operating SystemMac OS X 10.3.9
PHP Version5.0.4



2005-10-19 09:18

administrator   ~0000298

Can you please try the latest beta (2.0.0beta4) if you didn't do that yet, and update the bugreport with the new Xdebug version filled in correctly? If you already did that I really need a short reproducable script, or a valgrind trace in order to figure out what is going wrong. We found no problems here utilizing codecoverage with a huge PHPUnit2 run f.e. (but that's with PHP 5.1.0rc3)


2005-10-19 15:40

reporter   ~0000300

The latest version listed on the web site is 2.0.0beta2, so I assume that beta4 is the cvs version? I will re-try with the cvs version. Yesterday, I noticed a spurious test failure during a regular test run with xdebug loaded but coverage not enabled. Running a second time produced correct results. So, I don't think the problem is not limited to just during coverage reports.


2005-10-21 00:37

reporter   ~0000302

I checked out the latest version from CVS. How do I create ./configure?

It might be helpful to mention that under the "Compiling from Source" section on



2005-10-21 00:40

reporter   ~0000303

Ok, my bad. Forgot the phpize step. I never knew what that did. Now I do. :)


2005-12-30 14:40

administrator   ~0000317

Is the issue solved now?


2006-01-17 21:24

administrator   ~0000334

Closing as I can't duplicate this nor is there any more feedback.

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