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0001619XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2019-02-01 17:04
ReporterDietmar_42 Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDebian Buster/SidOSLinux x86_64OS Version4.19-2
Product Version2.7.0beta1 
Summary0001619: after telling php in ini file where to find the extension, no page is delivered from apache2

I installed the deb package and compiled the master branch.
After installing, any page call on the local apapache ended up in a lost connection. No content is delivered.
The same after compiling the master branch from git and writing the line "Zend_extension..." into the php.ini and restart the apache

Steps To Reproduce

write the php.ini
systemctl restart apache2
calling localhost phpmyadmin

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Operating System
PHP Version7.3.0-7.3.1


duplicate of 0001583 closedderick Xdebug crashes when OPcache's compact literals optimisation is on 



2019-02-01 15:03

administrator   ~0004856

I believe this might be the same as 0001583, for which I have just committed a work around. If you re-installed from the latest GIT master version, it should go away.

If the problem is not solved by that, please provide the information as is requested at


2019-02-01 15:55

reporter   ~0004862

problem solved with opcache.optimization_level=0xFFFFFBFF


2019-02-01 17:04

administrator   ~0004867

I'm closing this ticket then. Thanks for confirming!

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