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0000164Xdebugpublic2006-01-24 22:42
ReporterOpik Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0000164: flock() freeze

When I use
flock($fp, LOCK_EX);
my PHP script get freezed. When I turned off xdebug extention this was OK.

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Operating SystemRHEL3
PHP Version5.0.5



2006-01-17 08:52

administrator   ~0000331

I need a bit more information - like a short reproducing script. The flock() function itself works fine. Are you also sure you're using PHP 5.0.5?


2006-01-17 22:31

reporter   ~0000342

Yes, Im sure, that I use PHP 5.0.5
As extentions I use also: eaccelerator and memcache. mb eaccelerator occurs error?


2006-01-17 23:33

reporter   ~0000348

$fp = fopen($user_data_file, "r+");
if(!$fp) exit;

flock($fp, LOCK_EX); // then I comment this line, scripts works


2006-01-18 00:14

reporter   ~0000349

I think it was permission error


2006-01-18 22:37

administrator   ~0000352

It's very possible that other extension affect this, and that it is not Xdebug's fault at all. In your last comment you say that it might have been a permission error, but for that to make sense to me you need to be a bit more clearer. Do you mean it was an error on your site? or what was the full error message? I also didn't see a full reproducable script (which I can copy and paste and works immediately)


2006-01-24 22:42

administrator   ~0000364

Can't reproduce this, nor did I receive any feedback whether this still is an issue. Please reopen when you can provide the requested information.

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