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0000166XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2006-02-13 19:43
ReportershepherdguyAssigned Toderick 
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Summary0000166: Seg fault from set_error_handler inside of class
Descriptionthis is a segmentation fault bug with xdebug 1.3.2 and php 5.0.4 (stock fedora core 0000004 release rpm=5.0.4-10.5). Occurs if library loaded in. xdebug doesn't have to be running.
Only appears in a class situation. The same error code doesn't cause problems outside of a class.
Additional Information<?

class Breaks {

  function get($url) {

  function run() {

  function testBreaks() {
    print "$x"; // this works
    $this->get("$x"); // this DOESNT

    print "No problem";

function simpleTestErrorHandler() {


$t = new Breaks();

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Operating SystemFedora Core 4
PHP Version5.0.4



2006-02-13 19:43

administrator   ~0000367

This has been fixed a loooong time ago for Xdebug 2. Please use the latest beta (2.0.0beta5) as it has had many improvements.

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