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0000168Xdebugpublic2006-02-21 22:27
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Summary0000168: PHP.exe crashes on windows on eval command

Sorry if this is not a bug...I'm just starting out with xdebug & dbgp.

Windows XP SP2
PHP 4.4.1
xdebug 2.0.0beta4
DebugClient 0.9.0

I'm using the binary versions of PHP, xdebug, and DebugClient - didn't compile any of them myself.

The PHP script (located at http://localhost/test.php.):
$z = array("x", "y", "z");
$x = "hello world.";
$y = "howdy world.";

I run the dbgp debug client, go to http://localhost/test.php?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=jared, get a successful connection, and run the following commands:
step_into -i jared
step_into -i jared
step_into -i jared
eval -i jared -- JHpbMF0= //returns $z[0] - "x", as I expect
eval -i jared -- JHo= //PHP.EXE dies saying unhandled exception - access violation reading location 0x00000000

Note that JHpbMF0= is "$z[0]" JHo= is "$z" and that property_get -i jared -n $z works fine...But eval kills php.exe.


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Operating SystemWindows XP SP2
PHP Version4.4.1



2006-02-21 22:27

administrator   ~0000369

Fixed in CVS, thanks for your report.

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