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0001692XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2019-09-06 16:37
Reporterdinu Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version2.8.0beta1 
Summary0001692: Segfault with object-type object property
DescriptionI get a hard crash (usually segfault) when I add to watches an object property (i.e. $x->a) that is also an object instance. Other type object properties seem to work, adding the whole object and then expanding the object-type property also works.

PHP version is 7.2.20 but it doesn't appear in the PHP version dropdown.
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Operating System
PHP Version7.2.15-7.2.19



2019-08-06 18:38

reporter   ~0005110

xdebug 2.7.2 does not exhibit same bug


2019-08-09 16:12

administrator   ~0005111

Please provide all the information that is requested at for step debugger bugs.


2019-09-06 11:26

administrator   ~0005135

I can't reproduce this, and the requested feedback was not provided. It is possible that this is the same issue as 0001665, which I just fixed in GIT.


2019-09-06 16:37

reporter   ~0005138

I had some hectic weeks, sorry I couldn't provide details, we just downgraded to 2.7.2; I will test again once it's published on pecl.

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