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0001761XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2020-03-12 18:51
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Summary0001761: Xdebug stops on caught errors

Using Windows 10, VS Code (just updated it), and PHP Debug extension. If I select some of the checkboxes that make the debugger stop on exceptions/errors/warnings/notifications, it does so - even if the exception is handled by a try/catch block, or the statement has the @ symbol in front of it to suppress messages.

Really annoying. I want to be notified of errors, but not ones I already dealt with.

The annoyingness is compounded by the fact that the errors can come from code that's not even part of my project. I understand it's the IDE's job to filter that, but Xdebug sends the message that there was an error.
Steps To ReproduceThis invariably happens when I open phpMyAdmin. Just turn on the 'Everything' checkbox and open it. XDebug stops in file phpMyAdmin\vendor\phpmyadmin\sql-parser\src\Context.php on line 463 (public static function load($context = '')). This line throws an exception, which is then caught by the function that calls this one.
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PHP Version7.3.5-7.3.9



2020-03-12 18:51

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this is per design. If you get your IDE to ask Xdebug to break on exception **throws** then it will break. Xdebug does not know whether you're going to handle the exception when it is thrown, so it can't not break. If you don't want to break on exceptions, then don't instruct your IDE to break on exceptions, or, specify only the specific exception classes that you do want to break on.


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