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0000179XdebugDocumentationpublic2006-06-30 14:26
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Summary0000179: obnoxiously small font on website

The font size on the website is obnoxiously small. Is there any reason for this? I mean it looks cool and all, but a website that looks cool but is unusable is kinda lame :(

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PHP Version4.3.11



2006-05-07 22:58

administrator   ~0000403

I've no such problem here, can you provide a screenshot and which browser and platform you use?


2006-05-21 20:30

reporter   ~0000410

I agree that the default font size looks too small with Firefox 1.5.x in Fedora Core 5. A Ctrl+ fixes it though...


2006-06-11 03:08

reporter   ~0000419

I agree...I need about two CTRL-+s to make the font easily readable.

Firefox, Windows XP SP2, 1280x1024


2006-06-30 14:26

administrator   ~0000423

Please check again, I think it should be much better now.

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