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Summary0001808: Improve step debugging documentation and flow

Cool, I submitted a small change. So question - on the file I edited (, it starts with "Xdebug interacts with IDEs to provide step debugging functionality" and then the 1st header is "Configuring Step Debugging" --would it be better/more direct to make this "Configuring Xdebug"?
In reading this doc in general, I have several suggestions to make it flow better. (Did I mention I was a magazine editor and columnist for many years? lol) Before I invest an hour to rewrite/expand & send PR, would you be open to looking at changes like this?

For example: I'd add a paragraph at the beginning explaining what "Xdebug interacts with IDEs to provide step debugging functionality" means in plain English. I'd also add a graf with a context/"big picture" overview of how Xdebug works. Again, in very simple/plain English.

The "Activating Step Debugging" section should have a graf at the top saying "Since most PHP coders use an IDE, here are links to config VSC/phpStorm for Xdebug. Follow those instructions and skip everything below." [or whatever] This, again, helps 0000037:0000090% of folks immediately.

Etc etc. The idea is that I would expand slightly on what you have, talk in simpler language, and provide more context (as well as more direct help for the IDE users). These changes make it MASSIVELY more accessible to beginners.

And of course, this is all to support the goals of having more people use Xdebug and make entry much easier. If you say "it's fine like it is," sure. But my suggestions definitely support those goals and wouldn't take away from anything there now.
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