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0001959XdebugUncategorizedpublic2021-03-21 21:08
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Summary0001959: Add a function to obtain xdebug.mode settings

Although it is possible to obtain the mode value in userland, it is quite cumbersome and possibly brittle (either parsing xdebug info, or checking XDEBUG_MODE and xdebug.mode ini settings then replicating xdebug's procedure for arriving at a value).

My personal use case is for my composer/xdebug-handler package, to not restart the process without xdebug if the mode is "off" - and for composer to not display a warning about xdebug being loaded in this situation. However I am sure that such a function would prove useful to others.

I have knocked up an example function and will PR it for your perusal.

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PHP Version8.0.0-8.0.4


duplicate of 0001898 closedderick API for querying the currently active mode(s) 



2021-03-21 20:20

reporter   ~0005813

Example implementation:


2021-03-21 20:44

administrator   ~0005814

This is a duplicate of 0001898, which I'll implement for 3.1. I'm still pondering how to make this more useful than just returning a list of enabled modes though.


2021-03-21 21:08

reporter   ~0005815

Oh sorry (but I couldn't find anything on the Roadmap).

I wondered about doing a pathinfo-like implementation with constants (XDEBUG_MODE_OFF, XDEBUG_MODE_DEVELOP etc) for checking a mode returning boolean, otherwise an array containing the enabled modes. However this seemed quite complex when I guess folks just want to know if a feature (or what features) are enabled.

I'll keep an eye out for your implementation.

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