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0001962XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2021-04-06 14:08
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Product Version3.0.3 
Summary0001962: Step debugger takes extremly long to reach breakpoint -
DescriptionI started the step debugger in Netbeans and successfully debugged my code.
After the debug session ended, I reloaded the site without changing anything. Normally the debug session should restart again.
But now the site is taking 5 Minutes and 30 seconds to load. Sometimes it just ignores the breakpoints if it finished loading.

So I restarted the webserver and it works again.
Then I successfully debugged again and after It finished I reloaded the site again to trigger a new step debuggin session,
and the same problem happens and I have to restart my webserver again...

It does not help to stop the xdebug session and restart it, from netbeans.

I can reproduce this again and again. It took me hours to figure out that it is not my fault, but that there is some bug related to xdebug and the webserver.
Additional InformationI am using Apache 2.
The code is on a remote server reachable via VPN.

This is my configuration:

        xdebug.client_port=9003 <---- set to the company VPN network interface
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PHP Version7.4.0-7.4.4


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