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0001983XdebugDocumentationpublic2021-08-18 12:20
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Summary0001983: Please document the trigger-by-cookie protocol in inundating detail
DescriptionCurrently the step debugging documentation says:

> Browser Application #
> The recommended way to initiate a debugging session is by configuring your IDE to accept
> incoming debugging connections, and then use a browser extension which sets the right trigger cookie.
> Browser Extension Initiation
> The extensions are:
> Xdebug Helper for Firefox (source).
> Xdebug Helper for Chrome (source).
> XDebugToggle for Safari (source).
> Each extension adds an icon to your browser where you can select which functionality
> you want to trigger. Xdebug will continue to start debugging for every request as long
> as the debug toggle has been enabled.

This is insufficiently informative. I want to possess the knowledge that will enable me to sculpt the triggering cookie by hand and manually add it to a Postman request. I don't want to **need** to use a browser extension to first generate a profiling request from the browser, capture it in devtols, and only then learn in this roundabout way how the cookie(s) should be formed. I would like this to be explicitly documented.
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2021-06-14 11:19

reporter   ~0005901

This is in the documentation

add ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=xdebug as a GET param, and the session will start and the debug cookie will be set for future use


2021-06-17 00:07

administrator   ~0005908

That's already in the docs: — if that's not enough, or if you're missing things, can you let me know what that is please?


2021-06-21 11:57

reporter   ~0005912

The ritual for *summoning* the cookie is documented, but I want still more power: I want to be able to *create* the cookie. I want to be able to type the correct `Cookie:` header by hand, without having to perform the ritual. Use case: synthesizing a request from scratch in Postman. I don't want to have to send a cookieless request first with ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START, then inspect the response for Set-Cookie header, and only then copy the cookie to the request.


2021-08-18 12:20

administrator   ~0005986

Fixed, but there isn't really a lot of "Inundating Detail", but it's not really that hard:

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