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Product Version3.0.0 
Summary0001984: Can step debugging and profiling be separately triggerable?
DescriptionIs it possible (as of Xdebug 3.0 and its simplified configuration) to have a single, never-need-to-edit, never-need-to-restart-php-fpm-container xdebug.ini configuration that will support:

 - `develop` by default
 - step debugging (but not profiling) upon a trigger
 - profiling (but not step debugging) upon a _different_ trigger


If so, how?
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Operating System
PHP Version8.0.0-8.0.4



2021-06-14 11:36

reporter   ~0005903

You can enable multiple modes at the same time by comma separating their identifiers as value to

xdebug.mode: xdebug.mode=develop,debug,profile

The triggers for debug are
in GET / POST / ENV for debug

in GET/POST/ENV for profiling


2021-06-16 18:17

administrator   ~0005905


This is certainly possible.

Set xdebug.mode=develop,debug,profile

And then you can either use a browser extension as described in the documentation (, or specifically trigger
step debugging with a GET/POST/ENV/COOKIE named "XDEBUG_SESSION", or
profiling with a GET/POST/ENV/COOKIE named "XDEBUG_PROFILE"
This is all described in the documentation at

I am creating a (short) video/animation of this at the moment as well, which will show up at my YouTube channel at

Please do note, that this is a bug tracker, and not a support forum. For support options, including (free) community support, please refer to


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