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0001989XdebugProfilingpublic2021-07-30 18:41
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Product Version3.0.4 
Target Version3.1dev 
Summary0001989: Profiling does not output correct class when parent keyword is used
DescriptionIn the given test case, class B's constructor calls class A's constructor, however, there is no mention of A->__construct in the cachegrind file. Instead, the cachegrind file makes it look as though class B is calling its constructor recursively.
Steps To ReproduceProfile the following test case and view the resulting cachegrind file:


class A
    public function __construct()

class B extends A
    public function __construct()

new B();
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Operating System
PHP Version7.4.10-7.4.19



2021-06-30 11:35

administrator   ~0005919

I can reproduce this.


2021-07-30 18:41

administrator   ~0005950

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