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0002027XdebugCode Coveragepublic2023-11-30 14:50
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Summary0002027: Branch/path code coverage for traits drops trait name since 3.1.0

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In versions of Xdebug prior to 3.1.0, traits and classes were treated the same from an output point of view. Under the functions key, there would be an array with each entry being of the format FQCN->methodName.

With Xdebug 3.1, the FQCN part is no longer included for traits.

App\FooTrait->returnsTrue => [...]

returnsTrue{trait-method:/src/FooTrait.php:9-16} => [...]

Desired (assuming the annotation has to stay):
App\FooTrait->returnsTrue{trait-method:/src/FooTrait.php:9-16} => [...]

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The testcase from will show this

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PHP Version8.0.5-8.0.9



2023-11-07 14:26

administrator   ~0006673

When analysing code, the scope is the trait name. While the code is running, the method has been copied into the class, and the scope is the class name.

I cheated earlier and removed the scope name to make code coverage work.

This "fix" is more of a plaster. We now remember the original scope and then add it when returning information.

PHP doesn't remember the original trait scope yet, but we might fix that as part of this PR:



2023-11-30 14:27

administrator   ~0006689

This PR got merged three weeks ago. I had forgotten to close this issue!

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