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0002128XdebugCode Coveragepublic2023-05-12 14:31
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Product Version3.2.0RC1 
Summary0002128: 32bit binaries

There are no 3.2.0RC1 binaries for PHP 8.2 32bit.
Does this mean that there won't be any in the end although there is PHP 8.2.0 32bit?

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PHP Version8.2-dev



2022-10-17 10:31

administrator   ~0006404

I have indeed no plans to make 32-bit binaries available any more. It gets very few downloads, and it makes build times take two times as long.


2022-10-17 13:19

reporter   ~0006406

OK, it was just to know. In this case, for Wampserver I will provide the next 32bit PHP versions without xDebug.
We are on the decline of 32bit, MariaDB does not provide 32bit versions anymore.
Thank you.


2022-10-17 14:06

administrator   ~0006407

OK ­— hopefully that helps the decline of 32-bit PHP a little bit more than. Do you have any ideas when you'd be dropping support for it? PHP 8.2 seems a reasonable start ;-)


2022-10-18 06:38

reporter   ~0006408

OK- Starting to stop supporting 32-bit PHP with PHP 8.2 also seems to me a good idea.
I have started to modify Wampserver and Inno Setup installers in this way ;-)


2022-10-20 15:45

administrator   ~0006411

Excellent, I'll close this issue out then. Thanks!


2023-05-12 14:31

reporter   ~0006555

As of May 9, 2023 and in agreement with Maximus23, developer of Aestan Tray Menu, I stop the 32bit support of Wampserver.

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