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0000215Xdebugpublic2006-10-23 21:36
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Summary0000215: cannot get the next page of children variables.

This is related to bug report 214.

$a is a large array (over max_children size)
$d[0] = $a
($d contains 50 entries)

As reported in 214, when I do a context get, the following property is returned
<property name="0" fullname="$d[0]" address="10211656" type="array" children="1" numchildren="200">

I also get the first 32 properties (the example here is the first 2)

<property name="0" fullname="$d[0][0]" address="10213536" type="string" size="55" encoding="base64"><![CDATA[MC1UaGlzIGlzIGEgbG9uZ2dnZ2dnZyBzdHRpbmcgdG8=]]></property>
<property name="1" fullname="$d[0][1]" address="10213616" type="string" size="55" encoding="base64"><![CDATA[MS1UaGlzIGlzIGEgbG9uZ2dnZ2dnZyBzdHRpbmcgdG8=]]></property>

As I don't get all the entries I attempt to retrieve the next page of information using the command

"property_get -i 83 -n $d[0] -d 0 -m 32 -p 1" ($d[0] is the full name).

The response I get is
<response command="property_get" transaction_id="83" status="break" reason="ok"><error code="300"><message><![CDATA[can not get property]]></message></error></response>

So it looks like I cannot get the next page of information.
I don't want to try to get all the data but only parts as requested by the user of the debugger.

I think this command should work to retrieve the required extra entries in this nested array in the same manner that I can request extra pages in a normal (unnested) array, ie
property_get -i 109 -n $d -d 0 -m 32 -p 1

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PHP Version5.1.6



2006-10-23 17:21

reporter   ~0000481

Appologies, I entered this under the wrong category.


2006-10-23 21:36

administrator   ~0000483

Fixed in CVS. Please note that this was only a problem with numeric keys.

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