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0002163XdebugStacktracespublic2023-04-05 18:04
Reporterjohnbillion Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version3.1.2 
Summary0002163: Feature request: Ultra lightweight mode for stack traces in logs

The default PHP error log does not include a stack trace for an error unless the error is fatal. The "develop" mode of Xdebug improves this by including a full stack trace alongside the error in the PHP error log when an error of any level is encountered.

We'd like to enable this feature on our production environment but without the overhead of the other features enabled in "develop" mode.

What do you think about an ultra lightweight "logging" mode for Xdebug which only enables stack traces in the error log and nothing else. Would this reduce the overhead of Xdebug enough to warrant a separate mode? Or would such a singular feature warrant a standalone PHP extension separate from Xdebug?

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PHP Version8.1.10-8.1.19



2023-04-05 16:03

administrator   ~0006549

I'm afraid that this is going to be a hard one, as in the develop mode, what actually takes all the time is precisely recording this specific information for stack traces, especially the arguments.

I am resolving this ticket as "suspended", as it is unlikely that I would work on this, as I don't believe that this will work.


2023-04-05 18:04

reporter   ~0006551

Thanks for the update!

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