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0000263XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2020-03-12 17:03
Reporterjun Assigned Toderick  
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Summary0000263: Warning for setting breakpoint on no-code lines

When I set breakpoint on source line where there is no code,
the response of the breakpoint_set command does not complain
about that. It seems okay, but the execution never stops at
the line.

I wish that the response of breakpoint_set command says
"hey you are setting breakpoint on no-code line" or something
like that. So a debug client can be able to issue warning
to the user.

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Operating System
PHP Version5.1.6


duplicate of 0000200 closed Add the retrieval of a file's execution lines in DBGp 



2007-07-31 22:11

administrator   ~0000710

I am closing this as duplicate of bug 0000200. The functionality in this report is impossible as I can only access this information if the script has already been parsed.

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