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0000027Xdebugpublic2003-11-07 16:27
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Summary0000027: Repeated connect attempts when no debugger is listening

[1] Set xdebug.remote_enable to 'on' in php.ini
[2] Fire up something like 'phpMyAdmin'
[3] check kernel messages in your log.

On FreeBSD [3] will result in:
Nov 3 10:32:18 ghost /kernel: Limiting closed port RST response from 201 to 200 packets per second

This is an anti-portscan defence in the BSD kernel, which indicates that while running a number of php pages, xdebug makes more then 200 connect attempts per second.

Additional Information

P-IV 2.4GHz, xdebug version 1.2 (FreeBSD ports)

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Operating SystemFreeBSD 4.9-RC FreeBSD 4.9-RC 0000006: Wed Oct 1 07:44:36 CEST 2003 i386
PHP Version4.3.4-dev



2003-11-05 11:03

reporter   ~0000045

This happens when you're actived the remote debugger but didn't start it.
Comment out the line 'xdebug.remote_enable=on' or set it to off, restart
your web-server and your problem should be gone.


2003-11-07 15:06

administrator   ~0000047

Right, that's true. But it is still a bug which is easily fixed :) Xdebug tries to connect on every function call atm.

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