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0000029XdebugUncategorizedpublic2003-12-01 15:15
Reporterquinxy Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0000029: the params info returned from xdebug_get_function_trace() is incomplete

The structure returned by a call to xdebug_get_function_trace() is returning only the last parameter in each function call, in the example I provide, the print_r() of the xdebug_get_function_trace() shows only the parameter "t3" in the call to test(). This is obviously not correct.

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function test($t1,$t2,$t3) {



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Operating SystemRedhat 7.3
PHP Version4.3.2



2003-11-19 17:11

administrator   ~0000060

Which Xdebug version do you use? This works for me, but I have to set xdebug.collect_params=1 in php.ini. Can you also give me the php.ini settings for xdebug that you have?



2003-11-19 18:41

reporter   ~0000061

i tried it with xdebug.collect_params in php.ini and the error still occcurred. as for version, it was the version i said in the ticket. as for the php.ini options, nothing to see.

all i had in it was the line to load the shared library.

at different times i did put in the lines to automatically do it for every page/etc. but I had the same results. you're saying that even if you turned off those in php.ini you couldn't reproduce the problem?

anyway... it's no longer critical for me. i wrote a wrapper for your dump html version, and i just regular expression through that to get the valid data.


2003-11-20 11:13

administrator   ~0000062

Right, I can't reproduce this at all. How exactly did you load Xdebug from php.ini?


2003-11-24 10:11

administrator   ~0000065

Reminder sent to quinxy


can you please tell me how you load Xdebug in your php.ini file?



2003-12-01 15:15

administrator   ~0000066

Can not reproduce this at all...

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