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0000291XdebugInstallationpublic2007-07-08 13:55
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Summary0000291: Binary test not skipped

These test aren't skipped even if php not compiled with SPL disabled.

Test for bug 0000173: Xdebug segfaults using SPL ArrayIterator. [tests/bug00173.phpt]

Test for bug 0000176: Segfault using SplTempFileObject [tests/bug00176.phpt]Test for bug 0000176: Segfault using SplTempFileObject [tests/bug00176.phpt]

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Operating SystemDebian AMD64 lenny/sid
PHP Version5.2-dev



2007-07-07 22:01

administrator   ~0000679

I fixed this, but I can't commit right now as my CVS server is down. I'll do so as soon as it is back online again.


2007-07-08 13:55

administrator   ~0000683

Fixed in CVS.

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