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0000296XdebugProfilingpublic2020-03-12 17:14
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Summary0000296: Change in profile time representation causes WinCacheGrind to report wrong execution time

As written in the update, xDebug 2.0.0.RC4 uses "µ seconds instead of a tenths of µ seconds to avoid confusion in profile information."

However, WinCacheGrind still uses tenths of µ seconds. The reported execution time is then divided by ten, I get for example a 31 ms execution time for a script that actually take 310 ms.

Even if it is more a WinCacheGrind problem, Win32 users have no alternative to display profile files, and it seems to be no longer updated :( Would it be possible to have a configuration option to switch between µ and tenth of µ ?

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Operating SystemWindows XP SP2
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2007-07-19 18:55

administrator   ~0000700

I will not change this back. Xdebug 2 was always in beta, and this was a bug in Xdebug - it is unfortunately that WinCacheGrind is no longer updated, but that is something I can not fix :)

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