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0000318XdebugUncategorizedpublic2007-10-27 16:48
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Summary0000318: Segmentation Fault in code coverage analysis

When collecting code coverage information, certain kinds of compile-time PHP errors will cause XDebug to silently segfault before reaching the problem code or running any lines in the PHP file that has the problem.

Identified triggers: Usage of 'continue' and 'break' outside a proper loop context.

Additional Information

(Running PHP 5.2.3) Affects versions 2.0.0 and 2.1.0.

Here is code to reproduce.

======FILE: run.php =========================
// Run me from the PHP CLI
xdebug_start_code_coverage(XDEBUG_CC_DEAD_CODE | XDEBUG_CC_UNUSED);
// MUST be both code coverage options to cause problems
include('./faulty.php'); // File with problem in it.
======FILE: faulty.php ======================
//FILE: faulty.php
if(true){break;} // 'Continue' also causes problems

Boy, am I glad that's over. Though I was going insane trying to debug it.

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Operating SystemCentos 4.4
PHP Version5.2.1



2007-10-17 05:33

reporter   ~0000742

P.S.: Again, stepping through the code until XDebug crashes suggests that faulty.php is never actually executed--the problem occurs right after the include() step.

Good news for people with this problem is that at least the segfault is proximal to the file with the problem--it's not like it could be more than one include() or require() away along a long chain.


2007-10-25 22:12

administrator   ~0000761

I found why... just need to think of a good way of fixing it :)


2007-10-27 16:48

administrator   ~0000764

Fixed in CVS, thanks for your report!

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