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0000033XdebugUncategorizedpublic2004-03-16 23:36
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Summary0000033: Apache crashes with static methods

I've got some static methods in my PHP 5 (today's snapshot) code. I tried to run it with xdebug. It crashed Apache 2, when PHP ended executing first called static method.

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Operating SystemWindows XP
PHP Version5.0.0-dev


has duplicate 0000038 resolvedderick Xdebug segfaults with __destruct() 



2003-12-21 12:53

administrator   ~0000081

Can you please provide a sample script so that I can try to reproduce it? And do I understand correctly that you compiled the latest Xdebug (from CVS) for Windows yourself?


2003-12-23 09:46

reporter   ~0000083

I found the reason of the problem - Xdebug crashes, when I try to create an object of class with destructor. I was creating a lot of classes without destructors and they were working without errors. But when I added a destructor ( function __destruct(){ ), PHP and Apache 2 were crashing on line

$object = new class_with_destructor;

Here is the sample:


class any_class{
    function __destruct(){



$object = new any_class;


BTW. I downloaded XDebug binaries from this site. I'd have to download newest PHP 5 sources to compile it myself, because my actual sources are from June or July.


2003-12-23 10:40

administrator   ~0000084

Okay, this is a known problem. Actually it's something buggy in PHP with the shutdown order, and not in Xdebug. I'll keep this bugreport though.


2004-03-16 23:36

administrator   ~0000108

Fixed in latest PHP CVS and Xdebug CVS.

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