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0000392XdebugUncategorizedpublic2016-11-27 19:11
Reporterd_kelsey Assigned Toderick  
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Target Version2.2dev 
Summary0000392: stdout redirect behaves the same as copy

DBGp specifies you can control stdout eith values 0 (disabled) 1 (copy) 2 (redirect)
in xdebug, 0 and 1 work fine, but when I set it to 2 I get the stdout data coming through ok (as expected) but I also see the output going to the console as well (tested using php 5.2.5 cli sapi, I have not tried the apache sapi).

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Operating SystemWindows XP
PHP Version5.2.5



2016-11-27 19:11

administrator   ~0003797

I can't see a way to prevent that with PHP, so this will have to stay like this. (And sorry for taking 6½ years to answer ;-) ).

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