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Summary0000040: Provide optional depth on xdebug_call_* functions

I have my own
debugging level which will sit on top of xdebug. This means that when I
invoke xdebug_call_function, for instance, inside my debugging function, I
don't get the invoking function but I get my debugging function.

So I modified xdebug.c in version 1.3.0 so that xdebug_call_function and
similar functions accept an optional argument which specifies how far back
to go in the stack frame. Thus:

Additional InformationThe following is from an email from Derick responding to my email about this:
>the CVS version of Xdebug already has the necessary functions to select
>an "earlier" stack frame. I'll add this functionality to Xdebug then
>using this new utility function. It would help me not to forget this if
>you file a "feature request" at
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Operating SystemFreebsd
PHP Version4.3.0



2006-08-19 14:34

administrator   ~0000442

Fixed in CVS for Xdebug 2.0rc1.

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