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Summary0000040: Provide optional depth on xdebugcall* functions

I have my own
debugging level which will sit on top of xdebug. This means that when I
invoke xdebug_call_function, for instance, inside my debugging function, I
don't get the invoking function but I get my debugging function.

So I modified xdebug.c in version 1.3.0 so that xdebug_call_function and
similar functions accept an optional argument which specifies how far back
to go in the stack frame. Thus:


Additional Information

The following is from an email from Derick responding to my email about this:

the CVS version of Xdebug already has the necessary functions to select
an "earlier" stack frame. I'll add this functionality to Xdebug then
using this new utility function. It would help me not to forget this if
you file a "feature request" at

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Operating SystemFreebsd
PHP Version4.3.0



2006-08-19 14:34

administrator   ~0000442

Fixed in CVS for Xdebug 2.0rc1.

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