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0000433Xdebugpublic2009-04-18 22:28
Reporterp2409 Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0000433: ./configure check of el_init: nested functions are disabled (Mac OS X 10.5)

Configuring xdebugclient was failing due to inability to compile the el_init nested functions - they were something like this
int main() {
int el;

int main() {

./configure reported : error: "you have strange libedit"

Additional Information

This was on a new Leopard install btw.

The fix was simple:
de-nest the main functions in the el_init tests ie. just have one main() {}

Everything worked after that.

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Operating System
PHP Version5.2.8



2009-03-28 17:22

administrator   ~0000929

Can you show me the full output and the full config.log? I see indeed the nested function in configure, but it compiles and works just fine here:

checking whether to use libedit... yes
checking for tgetflag in -ltermcap... yes
checking for el_set in -ledit... yes
checking for H_SETSIZE... H_SETSIZE
checking for number of arguments to el_init... 4


2009-04-18 15:58

reporter   ~0000953

Servus Derick!

Sorry it's been a while to get back to you.
I have just completely redone the phpize/configure/make on my iMac and this time, I get no such nested functions error now.

It must have been an odd environment for configure: note that nested functions are not allowed in C++, but for C files they are fine in GNU. I'm guessing my environment was C++ compiling (maybe from earlier work in the day). problem ok to close.

Thanks for xdebug by the way I reckon it's making thousands of people's lives easier. Vielen Dank!



2009-04-18 22:28

administrator   ~0000955

Okay, closing then.

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