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0000464XdebugUncategorizedpublic2020-03-12 16:57
ReporterkapouerAssigned Toderick 
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Product Version2.0.0dev 
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Summary0000464: Externalize html template strings
DescriptionThe html strings used as arguments in the printf calls should be externalized in a document, and that document's path should be passed as parameter in the xdebug.ini.
That would be so great... on many websites i develop the xdebug output is unreadable, due to special page layouts. And because of the xdebug html output, reading the source page is quite painful.
A smaller feature would be a configuration parameter in xdebug.ini, that would switch output between plain text (with line feeds) or html.
Thanks for your attention.
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PHP Version5.3.0



2009-10-24 18:19

administrator   ~0001114

All Xdebug output has CSS style classes, which should be more than enough to customize the layout. The turning off of HTML-based errors is controlled by PHP's html_errors setting.

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