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0000047XdebugUncategorizedpublic2005-12-30 17:00
Reportersergio Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0000047: Profile data not dumped on file when profiling is called from PHP script

If profiling is called from script with


profiling data are displayed to screen but no written to file.
The file as been created but it contain only 2 lines

Start of function profiler
End of function profiler

If the profiling is started from php.ini all is working fine (no HTML output, data written to file)

Additional Information

this is the code used

//begin of profiling

// code here

// end and display of profiling
$level = 4; // this is the format of the report usefull value 1, 4, 5
echo 'script: ',FILE, '@',date("d-m-Y H:i", time()), 'profile level ',$level;

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Operating SystemRed Hat 7.3, Mac OS X 10.3.2
PHP Version4.3.10



2004-02-27 13:22

reporter   ~0000101

Sorry, this is reported in bug 000021 and solved. Readed after posting... :-}


2004-02-27 15:08

reporter   ~0000102

I'm posting again...
I can replicate the behavior also omitting the xdebug_dump_function_profile() from the code.
No profile data are written to file.
It's probably my fault but where?


2004-02-27 21:05

administrator   ~0000103

You should remove the xdebug_stop_profiling() function as it will clean up all the data before the profiling information is written to the file. (You might also have to remove the xdebug_dump_function_profile() function).


2004-03-01 10:06

reporter   ~0000105

Last edited: 2004-03-01 10:24

It is still dumping anything but

Start of function profiler
End of function profiler

to file.

The code i'm testing is the following


echo date("d-m-Y H:i", time());


If could be related I cannot guess way to start xdebug profiling from httpd.conf nor .htaccess; only php.ini auto start profiling works

edited on: 2004-03-01 10:24


2005-09-23 09:37

administrator   ~0000297

Does this still happen with the latest CVS version (2.0.0beta3-dev)?


2005-12-30 17:00

administrator   ~0000323

I got no feedback, so I'm closing this report as I can not duplicate it either.

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